What Is Checked In a Boiler Service?

There’s nothing worse than coming home to find your boiler has broken down. No heating, no hot water and depending on the level of damage, you may find yourself having to pay out for a new boiler entirely.

How To Know If Your Boiler Is Unsafe

A faulty boiler can be an annoyance, to say the least; no one wants to come home to no hot water or poor heating through your radiators. While frustrating, many of these issues can be resolved with regular maintenance from a gas safety engineer.

What Is a Power Flush and How Does It Work?

We all know cleaning our household devices helps ensure their longevity – we put dishwasher salt in our dishwasher to help remove limescale, we put drain unblocker down our sinks and baths to remove any buildup, and we use oven cleaner to help remove stubborn stains and marks to ensure our oven remains safe to…

Why Choose Aquaheat For Boiler Installation and Repairs?

What makes a house a home? Is it having a comfy sofa and bed? Perhaps it’s summer BBQs in the garden, or a well-stocked fridge to feed your family?

5 Signs Your Boiler May Need Replacing

Your boiler is one of, if not the most important component of your home. That’s why it pays to keep it in top condition, to ensure your heating and hot water continue to work without issue.

What Type of Boiler Do I Have?

For something so integral to our day to day lives at home, us Brits don’t seem to be as clued up with our boilers as we should be. 


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