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Published: July 10, 2020

The Most Common Signs That You Need a New Boiler

By Lee

Your boiler is an essential piece of equipment in your home. While an annual boiler service can help increase your boiler’s lifespan, sadly boilers don’t last forever – and they do eventually need replacing.

However, don’t wait until your boiler breaks down to realise that you need a new one. Here are the five most common signs that you may need a new boiler.

Your boiler takes too long to heat up

Nobody likes waking up on a cold morning or coming home to a cold home in the evening. When we set a timer for the boiler to come on at a specific time, we expect it to come on and heat up the home quickly – at the specified time.

As your boiler gets older though, its ability to do this quickly will likely slow down. This can sometimes be attributed to sludge buildup in pipes, which can be fixed with a powerflush.

However, if it is still taking too long to heat up even after a powerflush, it’s a strong sign that a new boiler may be needed. 

Your bills are higher

Keeping a close eye on your energy bills is a great way to know if your boiler is on its way out. 

If you notice your bills are higher than normal and you aren’t using any more gas or water than you normally would, it’s a good sign that your boiler is failing to operate effectively, causing it to work harder than it needs to. Working harder means more energy used, leading to higher energy bills.

This is especially prominent if your boiler is old and has a low energy efficiency rating. Opting for a newer, more energy-efficient option could not only leave you with a more efficient boiler – but could end up lowering your monthly energy bills too!

Your boiler is noisier than usual

Your boiler should work silently in the background of your home – it certainly shouldn’t be clanking away in the morning and at night. 

If you feel your boiler is being particularly noisy, it could be a sign that something within the boiler is damaged or broken. If in doubt, contact a gas safety engineer.

Your boiler gives off a funny smell

If your boiler is giving off a funny smell, it pays to be diligent. Depending on the signs, a bad smell could actually be the least of your problems.

This is because a bad smell coming from your boiler could actually be a serious sign of a carbon monoxide leak, which can be poisonous. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause headaches, vomiting and, if exposed for too long, can even be fatal.

If you can smell a bad odour coming from your boiler, leave your home immediately and call a gas safety engineer, who will be able to fix the problem. Depending on the leak, they may recommend a new boiler to be on the safe side and to avoid risking a gas leak again.

Your boiler is old

Even if your boiler isn’t showing any of these signs, the average lifespan of a boiler is 15 years. If your boiler is getting on and it’s approaching the 15-year mark, it may be worth considering your options to avoid a situation where your boiler stops working – and you’re left without a plan for a replacement. As boilers get older the parts become harder to purchase, and may even be obsolete.

As Worcester Bosch accredited installers, all new boilers installed by Aquaheat come with a 12-year guarantee and are proven to improve efficiency up to 98%. For more information, contact us today.

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