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Solar Panel Installation Specialists in Kent

As the cost of living skyrockets and the planet’s vital signs reach a crucial tipping point in the climate crisis, many people are looking for an alternative source of energy. One that saves you money in the long run and doesn’t hurt the planet.

The solution? Solar panel installation. As one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy, now is a great time to take the plunge!

Fortunately, installing solar panels isn’t as lengthy or disruptive of a job as you might believe. If you live in Ashford and the surrounding areas in Kent, we’ve got you covered for installation and maintenance — so you and the planet can breathe a little easier!
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Installing a wide range of solar panels

As fully-qualified and professional solar panel installers in Kent, we install a wide range of solar panels.

Having said that, we only ever work with the best panels suited for the installation. Before we install your panels, our specialist performs a site survey to determine the perfect course of action.

Fitting solar panels to different types of roof

It’s a common misconception that only very few properties have roofs suitable for solar panels. In fact, solar panels are suitable for most types of roof, providing there is sufficient space to fit them.

Our specialist team will ensure that they are fitted at the optimal angle for the longest possible exposure to the sun. Depending on the position of your property, we can install them pitched, flat, double pitched, and even floor mounted.

Aside from the positioning of the panels themselves, there are two inverter types that can be used to make the most of the sun you get:

 - Basic inverter — for all roofs with solar panels in the same direction and with no shading
 - Optimisers — for multi-angled roofs, with solar panels in different directions and shading

Kent areas we cover

We operate throughout Kent, including these towns and cities. If where you live isn’t on the list, though, feel free to still give us a call – we’re bound to be able to figure something out!
 - Ashford
 - Charing
 - Chilham (Solar & Aircon Installation only)
 - Dover (Solar & Aircon Installation only)
 - Dungeness
 - Dymchurch
 - Folkestone
 - Hawkinge
 - Hythe
 - Lenham
 - Lydd
 - Lympne
 - Maidstone (Solar & Aircon Installation only)
 - New Romney
 - Tenterden
 - Whitfield (Solar & Aircon Installation only)
 - Woodchurch

Why install solar panels?

Energy Saving Trust estimates that a typical home with solar panels could save roughly one tonne of carbon a year.

There are many other benefits to installing solar panels — let’s take a look at just a few!

Cheaper energy bills

When you go solar, your electricity bill will either be cheaper or non-existent, depending on the extent of your setup and your usage. What you don’t use can then be sold back to the grid — if you’re not storing it up in batteries, that is. It also protects you against more expensive energy bills in the future.

Return on investment

Solar panels can have an incredibly good lifespan, lasting more than 25 years. So you’ll be able to make the most of a renewable energy source for many years to come!

Independent energy use

If you go fully off-grid with your electricity with your solar panels, you no longer depend on any one company to supply your heating, lighting, cooling, and more. As fossil fuels become increasingly expensive, less desirable, and, frankly, less available, going solar ensures you stay ahead of the game.
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Solar battery storage solutions

One of the biggest advantages of solar power is one that’s often overlooked — the energy generated can be stored in batteries. This means that you’ll always have reliable power, even when the sun goes down.

It's also important to keep in mind that solar power doesn't need sunny days to work; in fact, too much heat can reduce the efficiency of solar panels. They just need bright enough light — so, yes, solar panel installation in Kent yields plenty of energy!

They can work perfectly well in winter and even on cloudy days. What's more, the ups and downs of generation can be smoothed out using an appropriately sized battery bank to store power for the dimmer days.

The size and type of battery bank you need will depend entirely on the amount of electricity you hope to generate and store. We can advise depending on your exact needs.

Heat your water with Solar

Another amazing benefit of solar power is the ability to heat your water! Now, you likely won’t be able to make use of “water solar panels” like those used in hotter countries like Greece & Italy, but you can use the electricity generated by your panels to power things like immersion heaters.

Immersion heater tanks are great if you have the space, but small properties can even make use of electric combi boilers these days! If you’ve got the space for enough panels and battery storage, you can theoretically have unlimited, free, clean central heating & hot water. Available boilers are still on the lower-power end, topping out at around 15kW, but we expect this to change in the near future with a broader move away from gas power.
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Reliable solar panel installers in Kent

If you’re looking to harness solar energy in Ashford and the surrounding Kent areas, we’re the people to call.

For quality installation and maintenance with communication every step of the way, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to walk you through the process so we can work together to discover if solar is right for you!

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Errol Roberts
Errol Roberts
The whole of the Aquaheat Ashford team, from start to finish, were polite, helpful, professional. They communicated with each other to deliver an exemplary service and can be very proud of everything they do. As a family run firm they support and complement each others' skills and are clearly committed to the area and its people. Clinton and Ryan installed our Worcester Bosch system in a record time so that we avoided the dreadful effects of winter weather. We would recommend Aquaheat Ashford to anyone who is suffering from poor plumbing or heating. Happy Christmas and a Very Prosperous New Year to you all.
Becky Down
Becky Down
Had a quote from Lee, who was very good. I had a few queries with the office and Jade and Beckie were very helpful. Trevor and Matt then replaced our elderly boiler and did a great job, they were very helpful. Thank you.
Jacqueline Summer
Jacqueline Summer
Easy to communicate with by phone! Booking made in advance for my mother's boiler service. Engineer arrived on date and time set. Did an efficient job and price was good.
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown
Trevor & Matt were extremely professional & affable they were always on time & worked diligently, always left everything clean & tidy at the end of each day. Once installation was complete they took time to set up the system & explained clearly how everything worked. Thoroughly professional company, would definitely recommend.
Debbie F
Debbie F
Lee who visited the property to survey what was needed was helpful and polite. The engineers, Felix and Matt, were both professional, polite and friendly, they came with all the right equipment, worked well and did a good job of removing the old boiler and fitting the new one. They showed me the new controls and the manual. They did a good job of cleaning up after themselves, and they took the old boiler and fittings away with them. I would recommend them and will use them again for any work in the future.
Nev Arthur
Nev Arthur
I'd lost confidence in my central heating system, due to a few issues over the years. Lee came round, and traced the issues, then Felix came round and replaced all the control devices. Everyone has been really friendly, and seemed really competent. I felt I was really listened to, as opposed to just being offered the repair that they wanted to do, like can happen. I'm in that position now where if there is ever a central heating issue, I don't look for anyone else to come round, I know it's just Aquaheat I use.
mark hughes
mark hughes
After being unable to find a reputable company that were able to service my boiler I resorted to the local Facebook page and was recommended aquaheat . The engineer who arrived today was polite helpful efficient and knowledgeable 10/10 100%
Rachel waine
Rachel waine
Always use. Really reliable
Chris Tritton
Chris Tritton
Just had our 25 year old boiler replaced by this company. Very impressed with the professional attitude shown throughout, from Lee coming out to explain everything in detail through to Clinton, Matt & Ryan coming along at the specified time and undertaking the install in a courteous & tidy fashion with any questions clearly explained. We would certainly recommend this company.
Lorna Healey
Lorna Healey
We have just had our boiler re-located and replaced with a new Worcester Bosch. Lee explained, in a clear and friendly manner, the different options available to us. Clinton and Matt carried out the installation very efficiently and always seemed happy in their work. They explained what they proposed doing each morning and showed us the completed work before leaving each day. They were both very courteous and friendly at all times. We would not hesitate to use Aquaheat again.
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