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Published: October 20, 2022

Upgrading to Hydrogen Ready Boilers With AQUAHEAT

By Lee

At the moment, around 85% of homes in the UK are powered by natural gas. And as we know it, during the burning of natural gas, carbon monoxide is produced as a by-product. But when we look to the future of heating homes in the UK, hydrogen could have a key role to play - particularly as hydrogen technology could have a significant impact on helping the UK reach its net zero emissions goals.

As things stand, hydrogen boiler trials are being conducted across the nation, following the government’s Hydrogen Strategy announcements; which aimed to power up to three million homes with hydrogen by 2030.

National Grid Strategy 

The Strategy, which details a goal for up to 35% of the UK’s energy consumption to come from hydrogen by 2035, has brought more attention to the topic of hydrogen-powered boilers in the UK, and led many homeowners to wonder whether their current heating system is the right choice for them. Or, if they’ve been considering a replacement, whether a move to hydrogen could impact their choice. Let’s look at the topic of hydrogen boilers in more detail below. 

Hydrogen Ready VS Hydrogen Blend Boilers 

Many of the large manufacturers have already been developing hydrogen boilers, which are designed to run on 100% hydrogen as well as natural gas. These are often what’s referred to as hydrogen-ready boilers, which means boilers that are capable of running on a 20% hydrogen blend, but can be converted to 100% hydrogen gas later down the line. 

Hydrogen-blend boilers, on the other hand, are capable of running on a blend of up to 20% hydrogen gas, but would have to be upgraded in order to be suitable for 100% hydrogen power. 

Therefore installing one of the hydrogen-ready boilers is the perfect way to ensure homes are ready for a smooth transition to full hydrogen introduction in the UK gas grid - whenever that occurs - without homeowners having to plan for an entirely new heating system.  

About the Worcester Bosch Hydrogen Ready Boilers

The Worcester Bosch entire gas boiler range is able to run on a 20% hydrogen blend, meaning that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your Worcester Bosch boiler will run for years to come - no matter what changes occur at UK grid level. 

Find out more about these top quality boilers, including the Worcester Bosch Lifestyle 8000 Range.

Not only are hydrogen boilers a helpful solution from an environmental perspective, but they’re also thought to potentially be an even safer alternative to have in homes. Martyn Bridges from Worcester Bosch was quoted in Homebuilding & Renovating magazine as saying: “These [hydrogen] boilers will save lives because there is no carbon monoxide created from hydrogen, which is by far the biggest hazard with burning gas. We are very confident that hydrogen is safer than natural gas.” 

Worcester Bosch Boilers From Aquaheat

AQUAHEAT is a certified Worcester boiler installer, and, as dedicated partners with the brand, our experienced installation teams are on hand to offer the most up-to-date Worcester Bosch hydrogen-ready boilers. Find out more about new boiler installation, or get in touch with our helpful team if you have any questions around hydrogen boilers or your current heating system. 

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